Whenever you are in the store and touch something that could be contaminated, do you pull out your little bottle of hand sanitizer to make sure that you kill any traces of the virus on your hands?

While this might have been seen as an extreme behavior in the past, in today’s world, it might keep you healthy. But how effective is hand sanitizer in keeping you safe? You will usually find it listed on the bottle, letting you know that it kills 99.9% of known viruses and bacteria or something similar, but there are some advantages to using soap and hot water instead.

Soap has a two-pronged attack against viruses that make it superior to hand sanitizer. It will kill the virus as well as prevent it from attaching to your skin. This means that using soap and hot water should be your choice when there are options. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep hand sanitizer on you for emergencies, just don’t use it as your main method of cleaning.

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