Dryer fires are still one of the most common causes of house fires. One of the most common reasons for this is a dirty vent pipe filled with lint.

Dryer lint is a very combustible material. IOn fact, it is often used by outdoors enthusiasts to start fires outside because it is so flammable. So preventing dryer fires often starts with making sure the dryer vent is clear of lint.

So to start with, your dryer very likely has a lint trap. This is something you should check and clean after every use. It only takes a moment. You simply remove the trap, clean off extra lint, throw the lint away in the garbage, and then reinsert the lint trap – and all done. This simple habit before using the dryer each time adds less than 30 seconds to your laundry time, and could save your home and family.

Cleaning the dryer vent pipe itself is a bit bigger job, and should be done at regular intervals, depending on how often the dyer gets used. You can buy vacuum attachments, sweep poles, or tie a rag to a stick if you have to and clean the vent pipe (when detached from the dryer).

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