Have you ever had to use PPE? For many of us, 2020 might have been the first time ever, but if you are doing work in or around your home, it is wise to use PPE for protection. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment, and there are many different types that are made for protecting vulnerable parts of our bodies, such as our eyes, ears, and lungs. No matter what job you are doing, you should find out whether or not you should be wearing some type of PPE while doing it.

When working with power tools, you can pretty much expect that there are recommendations for PPE. You will likely need to protect your eyes from flying dust and debris, protect your hearing with earplugs, and possibly even more. When dealing with chemicals, safety glasses, gloves, and face masks are probably needed.

It is good to take a few minutes before doing a job to figure out how to do it safely. Even if it just is a quick fix that you are planning to do, you could get hurt all the same.

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