We probably all have several power strips plugged in around the home, especially since there never seems to be enough receptacles for all the devices we use on a regular basis. Did you know, though, that there is a correct and incorrect way to use a power strip? If used incorrectly a power strip could overheat and even cause a fire. You probably want to avoid that, so just take a few tips to heart.

Power strips should never be daisy-chained. This can make it so they have a higher throughput of current than they are built for. You also should avoid plugging appliances into a power strip since they can pull too much current for the strip to handle. There are specific extension cords that are made for appliances that you should use if there is no way to plug the appliance directly into the wall receptacle.

Never run a power strip under a carpet since this too can cause it to overheat.

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