Having hot water running from a tap is one of the most underrated modern conveniences. For thousands of years, water was not readily available – even close to your home. Even after well systems were figured out, it took centuries before they were put into homes – and longer before someone thought about heating the water so that all you did was turn on a tap. But is your water too hot?

Every year, children scald themselves with water that is too hot. These can range from minor injuries – all the way to third-degree burns. How do you know if your water is too hot though?

While being careful, take a thermometer and run it under your hot water for a good period of time and then read the temperature. Why do we say to use a thermometer? Because the water heater may say the hot water is 120 degrees, but it might have an error and be heating up the water too much.

There is much debate on the temperature the water should be. CDC, manufacturers, and others range from 110 degrees to 140. As a general rule, though, if you can’t put your hand under the tap for a period of time without getting uncomfortable, then it is probably too hot for a child.

Protecting our children is very important, so be sure to keep them safe with having appropriately heated water from the tap.

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