There are many things that can cause your plumbing to back up, leading to problems throughout your home, and sometimes it might be tricky to find out exactly what the cause is. Often, homeowners will look for the cause inside the home, but the trouble could actually have a cause in your front yard. If you have trees or bushes growing near your sewer pipes, it is possible that they could send roots into the pipes and block them up. While pipes usually are sealed up tightly, shifts in the ground due to season changes or roots growing nearby could cause a slight leak from a pipe.

The mixture that runs through those pipes is ideal nutrition for the trees, and will cause the tree or bush to grow quicker, sending more roots down the pipe. The end result will be a pipe packed full of roots.

Unfortunately, the only solution to this problem would be to clean it out mechanically and seal it back up. While there are some temporary solutions to this problem, the trees will always keep growing back.

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