In these cold winter months, we all want to keep as warm as possible. While it is important to have good heating, without adequate insulation, you would be wasting a lot of energy just to maintain the temperature. You have many different choices when it comes to the type of insulation you use, and sometimes certain types can be better fitting for a certain type of home. Rockwool is a type of insulation that has an interesting backstory. It was developed after scientists observed the way volcanoes created a thin, stranded material hanging from the trees after an eruption. It turned out that this was melted rocks that had gotten cooled down by the wind and solidified. Using this same technique to create a material gave birth to rockwool. Just like the name implies, it is made from rock, and therefore fireproof. It has excellent insulating properties, and it doesn’t contain any chemicals, so it is safe to install and touch.

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