PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. What it means is that PPE is made for protecting you from harm when doing various jobs. Some power equipment and some chemicals will provide you with information on what PPE is appropriate for the job, but you should be able to figure out what would be wise to wear in certain situations. If there will be a lot of noise, hearing protection is needed. If you’re dealing with chemicals or sprays, a mask and goggles would be safe. If you will be working with sharp objects, gloves are great to have on hand.

Unfortunately, even those that use PPE can get hurt, and it is usually because of taking off the PPE for some reason. Maybe you feel like you need to get a better grip, or maybe those goggles make it difficult to see clearly. While this might be the case, it is not worth getting injured over. Instead, take your time and do the work the right, safe way.

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