What is the best time for an infrared scan? Unlike regular photography that relies on light for good pictures, infrared cameras can actually get a more accurate reading right after sundown. Why is that?

Infrared scans detect differences in temperature. If you want to find something that stands out, such as moisture, you want to scan for it at a time when it is more likely to have a different temperature than its surroundings. A wet material that has been exposed to the sun all day will cool at a different rate than the same material would when dry, so because of this, the moist spots will stand out clearly when you point an infrared camera at it. Due to this, the time right after sunset is an ideal time to scan your home.

Fortunately, this is also a convenient time for many homeowners, since they will be out of work and be able to be home and get to meet the individual doing the scan in person.

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