Pesticides – as much as we would like to live our life without needing to use them, if you are a homeowner, you’re very likely to use pesticides. They might be needed to keep pests away, whether rodents or bugs or anything else; they are also used to prevent growth of weeds in your yard.

Some might believe that since pesticides aren’t as harmful to humans as they used to be, no special care needs to be exercised in their use, but this is not the case. It can definitely still do harm to your health, and even more so to your children.

So, how do you make sure that you use pesticides in a safe, responsible way? You need to consider both the way you apply pesticides and how you store them.

You should always wear appropriate PPE when applying pesticides. Pesticides should not be applied on windy days since the chemicals can be carried away to someone that doesn’t wear protective equipment.

When you store pesticides, you should keep them in clearly marked containers so they are easy to identify. You should also make sure that your children can’t access them, preferably behind a locked cabinet door.

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