Do you enjoy drinking a glass of cool water? It can be very refreshing, and water is something that you can drink guilt free. But is your drinking water clean? If you are experiencing strange smells coming from it, you might not be so certain, but the fact is, the smell alone is not going to give you a clear answer as to whether or not your water is good to drink. Many of the substances and bacteria that will be truly harmful to you do not have a smell or color that give them away, and at the same time, some of the smells that you experience aren’t really signs of anything seriously harmful. You will often smell chlorine in your water, and this is most likely from over chlorination. While it isn’t good to be exposed to high levels of chlorine for a long period of time, it shouldn’t be enough to cause alarm. If you want to get rid of this smell, installing an activated coal filter can remove it. A smell of rotten eggs could be from contamination to your water supply. It is usually from hydrogen sulfide, but no need to be alarmed. Just a minimal amount of hydrogen sulfide in your water can cause the smell, in which case it isn’t going to be harmful to you.

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