Do you live in an area where heavy winds are a concern? It could be that you have a lot of open areas around your home, and when the wind picks up to high wind speed, this causes damage to your property.

If this is the case, you might want to consider investing the time into growing a windbreak.

The thought behind a windbreak is very simple. A row of trees is planted in such a way that the heavy winds are diverted over your house so as to provide protection for your home and property. For this to work properly, the trees need to be fairly dense and tall and located at a distance of about 4 times the height of your house.

Usually, a first line of fast growing trees will be planted to attain quick cover, but for longevity, a second row of slower growing trees will be planted. This way you can quickly enjoy the benefits of a windbreak without having to worry about the trees dying soon after they have started being effective.

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