Do you have elderly parents that live in your home with you? Or maybe you have parents that live on their own, but need your help with much of the work around the home. This is the reality for many families, and we are happy to give back to those that took care of us growing up. Sometimes, though, declining health, agility, eyesight and hearing can mean that additional steps need to be taken to keep older ones safe in their home.

Two very common dangers to elderly ones are slips and falls. They might not have as keen a sense of balance as they used to, and their poor eyesight could make it difficult to spot trip hazards. To limit this danger, you should make sure that any carpet in your home is firmly attached so it doesn’t cause them to trip. You should also avoid running extension cords over areas where an older one will walk.

The tub can be very dangerous, as well, since it can get slippery when used. Installing an anti-slip surface in the tub is important, as well as, sturdy handholds along the walls.

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