Selling an older home can be complicated at best, and usually you will not be able to sell it for as much as you would like. If you are in this situation, you might be considering a remodel of your home to increase its value, but is this really the best way to go?

The plethora of home remodeling shows that are on TV can really make you think that it is the easiest and most exciting thing you could do, but reality and television differ greatly. In fact, as a general rule, you will lose 20%-50% of your investment into a remodel when you look at the difference in sale price.You are much better off leaving the remodeling to a buyer instead. What you can do instead is repairs. Making sure that your home is in the best shape will have a much better return on your investment. If you feel like your home needs freshening up, painting it is a cheap way to make it look better without being too demanding.

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