When does a bird become a pest? While some might enjoy feeding birds and listening to them chirp, there is a major downside to having a lot of birds in your yard. Bird droppings contain uric acid, so if a large amount of droppings were to be sitting on your sidewalks, driveway or other places, it can damage the surface.

Birds also tend to build nests in inconvenient places, which might block airflow through vents, or even be a fire hazard in your chimney.

On top of this, some birds also carry diseases that are harmful to humans.

So, if you want to keep birds away, what can you do? The first step is to remove easily accessible food. They might go after seeds that you sow, so this can be tricky. If you put down grass seed, you might want to cover them with straw as a protection. If you want some more resilient protection, you could cover the grass seed with a burlap sheet.

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