Living in a home with more than one floor, you want to pay attention to the condition of your stairways to keep your family safe. Even though walking up and down a stair might seem like a mundane thing, falls in stairs can be potentially fatal. Young children, as well as, elderly parents are especially at risk.

What do you want to look for to check that your stairs are safe? Any carpet that is installed in stairs needs to be firmly attached. If it isn’t, you should either remove it completely or make sure that it gets fastened properly.

The steps should be equally spaced apart with a consistent depth. If this is not the case, it is much easier to trip.

There should always be a handrail installed next to your stairs. The handrail should be firmly attached, able to support the full weight of a person holding on to it for support, and be free from cracks or splinters, since these could cause a person to jerk back and lose their balance.

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