Doesn’t it seem like we hear more about wildfires on the news than ever before? With weather patterns being so unpredictable, it could happen anywhere, and some areas that never had the issue in the past are now facing a different reality. Wildfires can lead to extensive property damage, but even worse, they can cause a lot of suffering for you and your family. If you want your home to be as safe as possible in a wildfire, what should you do?
It is important to starve the fire, so you shouldn’t have any debris such as leaves and old branches sitting around on your property. Also if you have a fence this could itself become fuel for a fire, or it could collect debris that blows around and create a way for the fire to find its way to your home.
Of course, if the fire is large enough, it could be that there isn’t anything you can do to save your home, but by denying the fire an easy path to your home, you might be able to change the odds in your favor.

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