How many times have you stepped through a doorway today? It’s hard to keep track of, but doors are an essential part of our homes. We use them for privacy, for some quiet time, to keep pets contained or to control the temperature.

Even though a door might seem like a simple enough feature to install, in reality it is somewhat complicated, and poorly installed door will be unsightly, or even dangerous. Your door could affect the doorway itself, causing it to warp or become misaligned.

If your door is installed improperly, it will also void the manufacturer’s warranty.

The first step is to make sure that your doorframe is firmly attached, square, plumb and properly aligned. The door hinges need to line up well and be fastened with screws that are long and large enough to fasten securely. If not, the shear forces from the door swinging open and closed will affect them.

All six edges of the door need to be finished, or the door will absorb moisture, swell and eventually start sticking to the frame.

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