When you fill up a glass of water from your tap, does it have a strange smell to it? This is the case for many, and it is not necessarily something that is harmful, but there are certain smells that might be a cause for concern. Here are some common smells that you might experience and what they most likely imply:

A smell of Chlorine or Bleach most likely means that your water is over-chlorinated. To remedy this, install an activated coal filter. Since exposure to high levels of chlorine over a long period of time is harmful, it is a worthwhile investment.

If your water smells like detergent, it is possible that water is seeping from your septic system into your water supply. This is very serious, since the septic water will carry many disease causing bacteria and harmful chemicals. You should avoid drinking your water until a professional can take a look at your septic system.

A smell of rotten eggs likely means that your water has a high iron content and low PH. Even though this is not very harmful to you, it is a hard issue to resolve, and will require professional help.

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