Termites. You might have seen the damage they can do to wood, and you surely would hate to have them do the same to your home, but how do you keep them away? There are a few things to take into consideration to prevent your home from being inviting to termites. First, termites will be looking for 3 things where they might make a home. Food, moisture and shelter. While it might be difficult to prevent them from finding one of those, you should be able to prevent them from having access to all 3 in your home. If there is wood right up against your house, whether it is old barrels, pallets or firewood, this can make entry into your home very easy. The same goes for wooden siding that ends close to the ground.

Sometimes you won’t notice a termite infestation until it is too late, but keeping an eye out for sawdust in odd places or swarming queens, might give you a clue that something is up.

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