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Computer Reports are printed "On Site" or E-Mailed immediately, no waiting for inspection reports.

A hand-held computer is used to record all of the information during the inspection. This information includes types of materials used, location of components, brand names, etc., as well as the condition of components.

Your computer-generated report will be printed out at the conclusion of the inspection. Typical residential reports consist of 9-12 pages with any marginal or defective items on separate summary pages. You will also receive maintenance information that will help you to take care of the home and prevent future problems.

Although we encourage you to be present for the inspection, we realize that many times that is not possible. In these cases, the report can be e-mailed to you along with digital photos of any areas of concern. You can then review the report and call us to discuss the inspection and report.

You can now proceed confidently with your new purchase!


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